How our team works with yours

Amy loves meeting, either in person or remotely, with business owners and managers to learn what needs “repairing.” Depending on the situation, we may come on board as a short-term fractional controller while your controller is on leave or come on board as a consultant to restructure your accounting department or anything in between.

We are process driven and love to work with companies to assess their current structure. Our assessment could include interviewing personnel and reviewing all aspects of the business – from job descriptions to earnings structure from cash flow to balance sheets from warehousing to procedures/processes from accounting software to physical layout of departments. It is only by gathering this information that we get the true picture of the business so we can determine where processes can be automated, where procedures can be streamlined, where reporting can control parts ordering and inventory, and where other improvements could be made.

We can focus on the “big picture” – but we’re not afraid to get our hands dirty, too!  When it comes to your business, we might recommend anything from changing vendors to adding staff, re-designing processes, improving procedures, or considering better software.  In short – if the goal is to improve the business, we’ll consider anything that truly makes an improvement as a valuable recommendation.