This Is Us

The other day we realized we all have two things in common: We’re tenacious and anal retentive (in a good way). Once we sink our teeth into an issue, we don’t stop until we’ve resolved everything. Our knowledge of software helps us setup a system for your businesses accounting or modify an existing system that is no longer working for you.  Oh yeah, and all the commas will line up in your reports!

We also share additional attributes. We are process people. We enjoy creating and implementing procedures that make order out of chaos. We enjoy sharing what we know. All of us have been trainers or mentors in our past and bring those skills with us.

We know the longer we’re together, the more things in common we’ll find. Our similarities make us a great team; our differences give us diverse points of view. Combined, this make us a strong company.

Amy Corsetti Schepker, CPA


Professional Overview:
Amy is an accounting professional who is experienced in financial management, public accounting, mergers and acquisitions, and accounting software.  She has demonstrated to her clients the ability to lead the business of corporate financial activities they need.  Her goal is to provide each client with improved process effectiveness and efficiency.

Personal Mission:
I am a happy and positive person who enjoys living life to the fullest.  I am also a wife, mother, and a dedicated friend.  I believe that we create our experience by what we expect and what we ask for.  So, I continuously expect and ask for the best and am grateful and not surprised when I regularly find it.

I live in service to my customers and my employees.  Knowing that each interaction can change a person’s day, business and (quite possibly) their life.
While consistently realistic, my approach is simultaneously optimistic; I know that options are always available and are limited only by lack of vision or resistance to change. I chose joy over sorrow, love over hate, and gratitude above all else.

Sandy Craig


Professional Overview:
For over 30 years I have dealt with various facets of accounting from nonprofits to municipal utilities, sports marketing to manufacturing, cost accounting, and even airport management. I enjoy hands-on work to fully understand all aspects of the company I work with so I can use my expertise to offer suggestions. I do not like being bored or stagnant, and want all of my efforts to be worthwhile and make a difference.

Personal Mission:
Accounting is not a creative outlet so I “exercise” my creativity in my love for gardening, DIY projects, woodworking, and even making jewelry. I thoroughly enjoy getting my hands dirty and seeing the fruits of my labor.

I currently have three hounds and love spoiling them since my kids are grown up. They are all rescues (the dogs – not the kids!) and I hope I can support more soon. Someday I would like to operate a rescue facility for all kinds of animals because they don’t have a voice when they are in need. Just like my efforts with accounting and controllership, I want to make a difference. No task is too big or too small to make an impact that helps many.

Kara Bickett


Professional Overview:
Having been a small business owner, I know the importance of keeping track of every penny.   I treat every client’s books as if they were for my own business.

Personal Mission:

I met Amy about 10 years ago when we were both working for the same company. Currently we are both on the Finance Team at Unity of Bon Air Church where I am also their part-time bookkeeper.

I moved to Richmond from Roanoke in 2001. Fortunately my family likes to travel because I visit Roanoke whenever I can because I love the mountains. While in Roanoke I earned three Associates degrees from Virginia Western Community College: Business Management, Merchandise Management, and Banking and Finance.

Remember my traveling family? It consists of my handsome husband, two busy sons, two dogs, and a cat. In between my DIY projects, I love spoiling them and my 2-year-old niece.

We took a poll the other day and I was voted most tenacious/anal retentive. In this group, that makes the “title” a good thing!

Gabby Corsetti Petrillo


Professional Overview:
I am a recent college graduate, and am working with my mother while searching for dream job.  I am lucky that I have the experience with this company so I can help while starting my own career.

Personal Mission:
I’m Amy’s youngest daughter. I have been working sporadically for my mom since I could hold a crayon. Though, truth be told, I think the assignments she gave me early on were probably busy work.

Throughout the years, and especially since 2014, I assisted her with data entry and transaction entries. Recently I accepted a part-time bookkeeping position.

I have a BS in Marine Science and strive to help save our Mother Earth. Currently the Petrillo family consists of me, my husband Dan, our three-legged dog Luna, and our two cats Maverick and Goose (neither of which can pilot a jet) … but who knows the future?