Why Work with Us?

We offer solutions, not services. Our goal is to take away the financial duties that are burdening you so you can remember why you started your business:

To make your livelihood doing what you love.

While we assess, suggest, and recommend changes to move a business forward, we go beyond. We mentor bookkeepers and controllers and we take on tasks to catch up your transaction backlog.

With our extensive software expertise, we can also be particularly helpful to controllers who need reports that must be “teased” from their systems. And we can set up report templates that can be run at due date, within time windows, and on demand.

We don’t hit you or your bill with surprises.

  • We provide a free consultation.
  • We give you a detailed scope of work in our engagement letter that includes the category and timeframe of each service.
  • We are upfront with our price-per-hour for the work categories.

Something we don’t do: Personal Taxes and Business Taxes. But we can recommend wonderful people to do this for you.

Due to recent demand, we are now offering Bookkeeper services. All bookkeeper write-up work is reviewed monthly by a controller, who will provide clients with their monthly financials secured with passwords.

For me there is nothing more rewarding, personally and professionally, than seeing a dejected, shoulders hunched, head down business owner who hates coming to work transform into a cheerful, broadly smiling, staff and client welcoming business owner as they start another day at THEIR company.”

Amy Corsetti Schepker, CPA