Professionalism and determination

Mrs. Schepker assisted on so many special projects, reviews, correspondences that it makes it difficult to elaborate on every task she handled. Her follow through, professionalism and determination helped us acquire better reporting for accurate capital planning and budgeting to savings thousands of dollars based on efficient and faster processing. Read more “Professionalism and determination”

Sondra Craig
Mid Atlantic Vinyl Products, Inc.

Fractional controller, undeniable talent

Along with Amy’s undeniable talent, her taking on numerous hats and succeeding at each one shows she is a team player, one who always puts the success of the company as her goal. Therefore, without a doubt, I confidently recommend Amy as an asset to any company. I know that she will be a beneficial addition to any organization. Read more “Fractional controller, undeniable talent”

Le’Keisha S. Hite

Above and beyond become the norm

She has taken the lead on multiple time-sensitive projects that have been vital to the overall health of both companies. Amy’s willingness to go above and beyond and workable knowledge makes her the perfect asset for any company. In addition, Amy is a family person who has always presented herself with levelheadedness and grace. Read more “Above and beyond become the norm”

Augusta Hite
Supportive Intervention Services, LLC

Countless skills, helping every part of my business.

During those years she assisted me in transitioning my bookkeeper several times. The bookkeeper is a very important position for our company and I have been able to count on Amy to step in, make herself familiar with any changes, clean up any issues, and assist in training my new hire. On the last turnover, I used Amy to assist with interview and selection process and I have a much better candidate/employee who is doing very well. Read more “Countless skills, helping every part of my business.”

Graham B. Aston
Saunders Roofing, Inc.