Countless skills, helping every part of my business.

It is my pleasure to recommend Amy Corsetti Schepker.  I have known Amy since the mid-90’s when I hired her as a office manager and bookkeeper.  From day one, she proved herself to be intelligent, efficient, knowledgeable, and conscientious with a great work ethic.  She worked for me for several years and helped to set up our first peer-to-peer network, upgrade all software Windows-based platforms, and teach the management team (all roofers) how to use a mouse.  She also setup new processed for job costing, improved the flow of documents, and revised how projects were managed.

When Amy left us after two years to work for a CPA, we switched to that CPA so Amy could continue to monitor our company and assist us with issues.   When one of those issues grew into a big forensic accounting project related to an employee leaving, we came to an agreement to bring her back to work for us- for which I am still grateful.  Amy worked for us for several more years before moving on to do software consulting and fractional controller/CFO work.   During those years she assisted me in transitioning my bookkeeper several times.  The bookkeeper is a very important position for our company and I have been able to count on Amy to step in, make herself familiar with any changes, clean up any issues, and assist in training my new hire.  On the last turnover, I used Amy to assist with interview and selection process and I have a much better candidate/employee who is doing very well.

I have also used Amy’s skills during these years to perform the accounting of rehabilitation credits from my real estate holdings and have come to rely on her as a valuable sounding board to assist me when making personnel and business decisions.  IN addition, her ability to translate my tax accounts requests and to answer my questions has been invaluable.

Amy is a gem who would be an asset to any company.  I would not hesitate to recommend her for any business that has a need for her services.

Graham B. Aston
Saunders Roofing, Inc.