Fractional controller, undeniable talent

It is my pleasure to recommend Amy Corsetti Schepker.  Her knowledge and expertise in accounting, financial systems, human resource activities, and office management were a welcomed resource and advantage to everyone in our office.

Amy joined us a fractional controller from the the start of our new business.  She performed all accounting, human resources, and payroll functions for the first 4 years.  Ultimately, her skills and expertise would be of value to multiple areas of the company, so we brought her on full time.   We weren’t wrong – through her skills and experience in account processes and in a myriad of aspects of running an office she:

  • Researched, purchased, and implemented software and process changes that resulted in a 25% increase in revenue.
  • Supported the staff that grew from 35 to 65 which included handling all the human resource aspects of on-boarding new staff, setting up benefits, and payroll.
  • Coordinated all aspects – including IT and telecom installation – of moving us into a facility with double the space of our previous location.

Amy also positions Supportive Intervention Services for the future by negotiating the buyout of my partner, so I became the majority owner and by changing us to an S-Corp which resulting in  20% tax savings for 2018 and beyond.

Though Amy morphed from Controller into our go-to for all situations including being our IT Support Staff as we moved through our growing pains, we finally evolved so she could settle into the roles of fractional Controller and Human Resources Manager.  As we move forward, I am disappointed that may has chosen to forge a new path, but am pleased that she has positioned us for our future by helping us hire talented persons to take over her duties.

Along with Amy’s undeniable talent, her taking on numerous hats and succeeding at each one shows she is a team player, one who always puts the success of the company as her goal.   Therefore, without a doubt, I confidently recommend Amy as an asset to any company.  I know that she will be a beneficial addition to any organization.

Le’Keisha S. Hite