Professionalism and determination

Based on a recommendation from a co-worker, our company was blessed to have brought on Mrs. Amy as Fractional CFO consultant. We were in dire need of assistance with financial statement, year end audit, processes and general cleanup for Mid-Atlantic Vinyl Products and other supporting entities. The financial statements had not been produced in almost a year, cash and general ledger accounts were in disarray and significant work had to be done just to get current.

Mrs. and I both started working with Mid Atlantic on the same day. She took control with myself to tackle what had been neglected for a very long time. Her experience and proficiency were direly needed because there was no one of her level capable of handling the advanced tasks.

Some of the many tasks she personally assisted me with are as follows:
• Cash management and bank reconciliation of multiple operating and payroll accounts cleanup
• Prepared and submitted returns / payments for sales and use taxes, personal property, real estate tax forms
• Assisted with documentation and preparation for annual audit / reviews with staff and accounting firm
• Corresponded with federal, state and county jurisdictions regarding taxes, returns, business licenses
• Very experienced with our software and worked with consultants on our upgrades, processing issues and improvements
• Designed financial statement platforms for management for better financial reporting and budgeting
• Worked with brokers to research, obtain documentation / data to submit to insurance companies and build a better health and benefit program as well as improved corporate property and real estate insurance policies
• Worked with payroll company that had been started but many aspects had not been followed through properly for accurate reporting and tax filings
• Reorganized staff duties and implemented new and improved processes and practices

Mrs. assisted on so many special projects, reviews, correspondences that it makes it difficult to elaborate on every task she handled. Her follow through, professionalism and determination helped us acquire better reporting for accurate capital planning and budgeting to savings thousands of dollars based on efficient and faster processing. I could not have done it without her and continue to utilize her expertise to this day. I am lucky to not only rely on her knowledge and proficiency, but consider her a dear friend.

Mrs. was a major asset to our companies’ success and would gladly recommend her with high accolades. If you care to further discuss, please do not hesitate to contact me to further expound on my experiences with her.

Sondra Craig
Mid Atlantic Vinyl Products, Inc.